About bookstores

UK Booksite provides information about books. Our main aim is to help find best book offers, make book order easy and make book reading affordable to all. Procesing of book order is done by UK online bookstore Book Depository. Store supply exceeds 7 million books and book store shipps books to more than 115 countries worldwide.

Trusted book seller

The Book Depository is safe book seller, you can trust them – UK’s largest dedicated online bookseller dispatch thousands of books a day and have large amount of books to offer. The Book Depository dispatch incredible amount of books – over 140 thousand books a week delivering books to more than 98 countries worldwide.

At the very beginning you can order 1 or 2 books to check the overall quality of service, test process of ordering books online, compare delivery times etc. Additionally you can read more than 1000 Book Depository reviews on Reviewcenter.com website. These reviews might help you make your own decisions which bookstore to choose next time. Particularly book readers from Australia and New Zealand prefer Bookdepository over Amazon due to free shipping and speedy delivery time.

UK book seller nowadays is the world’s fastest growing online book store and largest dedicated online bookseller in United Kingdom. The Book depository offer the largest range of book titles available for dispatch within 24 or 48 hours.

The slogan of bookstore is “All books to all” – it’s been implemented in business by selling more books at lower prices so making book ordering and reading more affordable. Lower prices and free shipping are appreciated especially by English book readers outside United States and United Kingdom – France, Australia, New Zealand, and Norway etc. Bookdepository provide free postage to countries where only few global bookstores deliver to, for instance, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia.

Quick Shopping

To place your order, registration is not required – click on the button More info & Order, add the chosen book to shopping cart and go to Checkout to enter your delivery address and make payment. In case you have promo code, you will use it on Bookdepository site during the checkout. This is the fastest way to buy books online with free shipping! No extra posting or any p&p costs!

Registered customers

Registration on Bookdepository web site provides many benefits, for instance, to create desired wish list of books (you can even share it with friends, make public) , see your purchase history, maintain the delivery address, as well add books to your feedback. You’re welcome to share your reading experience with other readers by book reviews, ratings.

Pre-order books

Internet store offers the opportunity to order books online before the publishing – the books are listed under page “Coming soon”. Main benefits of pre-ordering books are:

  • Use the pre-discount (usually 25% and more);
  • Be the first to get it shortly after book publication;
  • Do not miss publishing of your favorite author books;
  • If the book has not shipped yet, you have the chance to withdraw a purchase order and get your money back;

Order cancellation and returns

If the arrival of the wrong book or a fault, customer should contact Bookdepository and agree on return of books. The obligatory requirement is to contact the store representatives before sending the book back.